Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited was established in 2011 and is a subsiduary of WANBAO MINING LTD., which was incorporated on October 27, 2004 with a registered capital of RMB 5.0 billion. As a Beijing-based specialised international mining company with many mining subsidiary entities overseas, its business scope ranges from exploration, mining, ore processing, smelting, trade of mineral products, investment and the operation of relevant industry. Wanbao Mining constantly acquires high-quality mineral resources abroad, develops and operates key resource projects, vigorously develops mineral product trade, and energetically expands the global mining market. At present, in Southeast Asia as well as in Central and South Africa, Wanbao has acquired mining license to numerous mines, including copper, copper-cobalt and platinum-palladium mines. It has built up mineral resources bases of copper, cobalt and platinum, and several key projects. Wanbao Mining is maturing into an international mining company with extensive resources and first-rate management, utilising advanced technologies in exploration, mining, and electro-winning and smelting.

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Being responsible for shareholders, employees, clients and the society, WANBAO MINING adheres to the corporate culture of “human-orientation, collaboration and win-win; enterprising and innovation, pursuing excellence” in order to make contribution for the construction of harmonious society. We are expecting to join hands with friends from all over the world to expand business exchanges and cooperation in order to build a better future.

The environmental concerns at local and regional levels have highlighted the importance that we, the Monywa Copper Mine Project and MYANMAR YANG TSE COPPER LIMITED (MYTCL), have placed on cooperation, consensus building, communication and the involvement of international environment agencies in policy-making decisions.

Sustainable development requires a continuous adaptation of the society and the economy. It requires a well balanced approach in order to allow for a better management of potential future anxieties, both environmentally and socioeconomically. Economic growth is the prerequisite for societal development, yet it needs not be development at all costs but more of one that is well balanced.

Mineral resources continue to play an important role in Myanmar’s economy by contributing to job generation, government revenues and the course of industrialisation. Building on the results achieved so far and on the lessons learned from our experiences, we are identifying concrete policy actions and measures that will ease the present social challenges and advance sustainable development regarding social and economic themes. The enhancement of a 10-year framework of environmental programs is the corner stone issue that will be thoroughly analysed and integrated into the continuing years of progress by the management of MYTCL.

We should not forget that the core of sustainable development is human development and progress. By improving the quality of life, by using local and natural resources and by promoting a healthy environment, we will succeed in preserving the Earth’s life-support systems for present and future generations.



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