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2021 vaccination project 01Vaccinations not only protect the child from deadly diseases, such as polio, tetanus, and diphtheria, but they also keep other children safe by eliminating or greatly decreasing dangerous diseases that used to spread from child to child. Vaccinations are important for children because children can develop immunity without suffering from the actual diseases. To offer the best protection, it is important for the child to be vaccinated at the recommended times rather than delaying.

mine town grocery store 01Our Mine Town Health Management Working Committee Group is responsible for the prevention of the spreading of the COVID-19 virus within in our Mine Town families’ area. Over the past 9-months their efforts have stayed the virus from entering the community, and protected our Mine Town from being forced to completely shut down from the outside world. During this period, our committee also reduces the outside exposure to our family’s members by monitoring and tracking their travels outside of the community.

covid campaign 2020 01There are now about 50% of the S&K Monywa No. 1 Copper Mine employees living in especially ready-made dormitories on the mine site area. All provisions, supplies, food and necessities are being provided to these employees daily, ensuring that their quality of life is as good as possible.

weltland paradise of mytcl 01Many people are confounded when the environmentalist at MYTCL mentions that there are active wetlands on the S&K mine site. And, although it may seem quite absurd to have not only a wetland near an open mine pit, but also to have wildlife flourishing abundantly within the midst of mining operations involving highly reactive sulphates and other contaminants produced by mining activities. It is true that there are very active wetlands in S&K. At MYTCL, these wetlands are parts of our landscape that are defined by the presence of water. More specifically, the S&K wetlands are areas where the presence of water has determined or influenced most, if not all, of the immediate area's biogeochemistry—that is, the biological, physical, and chemical characteristics of this particular site.

thadingyut 001Full Moon Day of Thadingyut is one of the most popular festivals in Myanmar. It is a Buddhist holiday that celebrates the coming of Buddha back from heaven after he had stayed there during Buddhist Lent. The Thadingyut Festival lasts for three days from the day before the full moon through to the day after the full moon.

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