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Myanmar is among the 7 nations out of 10 ASEAN Nations being affected by Elephantiasis.Myanmar health authorities commenced an Anti-elephantiasis campaign in 2020 for the country as a follow-up.

Under the guidance of the Minister of Health, the Salingyi Township health department provided medication for the Elephantiasis disease carrying people who live in the Salingyi region. Due to prevention of COVID-19, this program was conducted by Myittar Mon Social Welfare Group in MYTCL’s Mine Town for employees and families on 13th July, 2020. They followed up again by visiting families by going door-to-door to take the medicine according to medication guidelines. They told people about the side effects of the vaccine, and provided safety warnings to people with high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma, pregnant women, lactating mothers, infants and people with chronic diseases such as liver infection, and even heart disease. People with these current conditions should avoid the vaccine, because it can cause life-threatening side effects such as acute inflammation of the brain, visual loss, disorder of the eyes due to bleeding in the retina, and severe skin allergies.

The campaign was well received and gratefully accepted by the community.

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