The Safety Norm of 2020

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It has been what seems a long 7-months at MYTCL, as employees and contractors isolate themselves from the outside world and join the Centralized Management system of MYTCL. This system incorporates all of the MOHS, WHO and international PPE standards and guidelines for protection and prevention of the Covid-19 Virus. Now in the 4th quarter of 2020, the company management has a finely tuned system in place, and an experienced group of employees and contractors working diligently throughout these troubled times.

What is most notable on the mine-site is the attention to safety detail. MYTCL normally has an explicit “Safety First and Work Second” motto, but this year has put the ambitions of safety management to the ultimate test. In addition to working in a 24hr high-risk environment with dangerous machinery, explosives and even more hazardous conditions when it rains, is added in the C-19 risks. Employees have bravely faced the risks head-on and with expert tactical planning regarding PPE safety, following changing and challenging rules and regulations, and quickly adapting to the new environment of Covid within Myanmar.

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Strategy Report 2019-2020


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