Thadingyut Festival

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Full Moon Day of Thadingyut is one of the most popular festivals in Myanmar. It is a Buddhist holiday that celebrates the coming of Buddha back from heaven after he had stayed there during Buddhist Lent. The Thadingyut Festival lasts for three days from the day before the full moon through to the day after the full moon.

Full Moon Day of Thadingyut is also known as Myanmar’s “Festival of Lights”. It is thought Buddha and other heavenly beings built a “star ladder” on Buddha’s way down to earth, and that people put lights all over their homes to welcome him. Today, the tradition of lighting up buildings continues. Across the country, people also use clay lamps fueled by sesame seed oil and a cotton wick for lighting. For our Mine Town, people light up the candles and light bulbs around their home. We can see our lovely traditional practices in our Mine Town.

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