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Our Mine Town Health Management Working Committee Group is responsible for the prevention of the spreading of the COVID-19 virus within in our Mine Town families’ area. Over the past 9-months their efforts have stayed the virus from entering the community, and protected our Mine Town from being forced to completely shut down from the outside world. During this period, our committee also reduces the outside exposure to our family’s members by monitoring and tracking their travels outside of the community.

These small control measures adjust according to the degree of risk from exposure. Now that the virus is being found in villages next to the mine, and in the larger villages where shopping and daily purchasing of goods are found, more controls are required to keep people safe.

On the 21st of December, the committee arranged for a Grocery Store to be established in order to restrict the many shop vendors from coming into the Mine Town to sell their goods from areas around the region. In this shop, the committee has arranged to sell not only daily goods and staples, but also meat and vegetables with lower prices than the regular marketers. The committee also informs and notifies the buyers to obey Covid safety rules such as social distancing and so forth, while buying goods. In addition, all sellers and buyers must wear masks and gloves. The Mine Town Committee Grocery Store will reduce the potential dangers by ensuring that goods are available from only reputable locations and from proper distributers, further more enhancing the safety of the community we live in.

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