08 AugustThe Sabetaung and Kyisintaung (S&K) mine is an open-cut copper ore mine of 2 primary deposits that are located in the Monywa District of Sagaing Division in Myanmar. Established early in the 20th Century, west of the Chindwin River, the mine-site is approximately 40-minutes by road from Monywa and within a populated area of nearly 500,000 people. This semi-arid expanse offers about 700mm of annual rainfall, and where shrub covered rolling hills and Toddy palm trees dotting the landscape are the common scene.

This is a legacy mining area that began in the early 17th century with artisanal mining of the region. In the 1950's the S&K deposits began to be explored on a much larger scale and have developed into a mining enterprise today. The S&K mine has evolved into a mining municipality working side by side a bountiful agricultural community.

Many international companies have been involved in the development of this mine under several eras of ownership. In 2000 the pit optimum design of Kyisintaung was completed, and re-optimization of the Sabetaung and Sabetaung South deposits was finalized in 2006 with the assistance of consultants from GRD Minproc, an Australian consultancy group. Others such as Knight Piésold Pty Limited, Coffee Partners International Pty Ltd., The World Bank, Westec (Welsh Engineering Science & Technology, Inc.), Haskoning (Royal Dutch Consulting Engineers and Architects), Golder Associates, Ivanhoe and China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd. are some of the more prominent world-class names that have been involved in the consultation and operations of the S&K projects.

Today the S&K Mine is operated by Wanbao Mining Limited with the name of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited – MYTCL. Joining hands with mining businesses at home and abroad, based on the principles of international cooperation and mutual benefit, Wanbao Mining is developing high-quality mineral resources from around the world.

MYTCL, was established with a vision that there is essential value, personal reward and financial stability in supplying a quality product derived from the unified labor forces of a local mining community.

We, meaning each employee of MYTCL, succeed because we are part of a much larger community to which we are compelled to act responsibly. Our accountability is transparent as we build local and National relationships, provide economic opportunity fairly, work safely, and consider the environmental impacts in all of our affairs.

Our central focus is providing sustainability in the social, ecological and conservational aspects of the mining projects that fall under our umbrella, utilizing the International Standards of Nations from around the world.

Our goal is to cultivate our organisation as a leader in the industry, setting the bar for delivering the highest level of Environmental Management Systems and to share our expertise as educational partners for all the people within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited was established in 2011 and is a subsiduary of WANBAO MINING LTD., which was incorporated on October 27, 2004 with a registered capital of RMB 5.0 billion. As a Beijing-based specialised international mining company with many mining subsidiary entities overseas, its business scope ranges from exploration, mining, ore processing, smelting, trade of mineral products, investment and the operation of relevant industry. Wanbao Mining constantly acquires high-quality mineral resources abroad, develops and operates key resource projects, vigorously develops mineral product trade, and energetically expands the global mining market. At present, in Southeast Asia as well as in Central and South Africa, Wanbao has acquired mining license to numerous mines, including copper, copper-cobalt and platinum-palladium mines. It has built up mineral resources bases of copper, cobalt and platinum, and several key projects. Wanbao Mining is maturing into an international mining company with extensive resources and first-rate management, utilising advanced technologies in exploration, mining, and electro-winning and smelting.

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Being responsible for shareholders, employees, clients and the society, WANBAO MINING adheres to the corporate culture of “human-orientation, collaboration and win-win; enterprising and innovation, pursuing excellence” in order to make contribution for the construction of harmonious society. We are expecting to join hands with friends from all over the world to expand business exchanges and cooperation in order to build a better future.

The environmental concerns at local and regional levels have highlighted the importance that we, the Monywa Copper Mine Project and MYANMAR YANG TSE COPPER LIMITED (MYTCL), have placed on cooperation, consensus building, communication and the involvement of international environment agencies in policy-making decisions.

Sustainable development requires a continuous adaptation of the society and the economy. It requires a well balanced approach in order to allow for a better management of potential future anxieties, both environmentally and socioeconomically. Economic growth is the prerequisite for societal development, yet it needs not be development at all costs but more of one that is well balanced.

Mineral resources continue to play an important role in Myanmar’s economy by contributing to job generation, government revenues and the course of industrialisation. Building on the results achieved so far and on the lessons learned from our experiences, we are identifying concrete policy actions and measures that will ease the present social challenges and advance sustainable development regarding social and economic themes. The enhancement of a 10-year framework of environmental programs is the corner stone issue that will be thoroughly analysed and integrated into the continuing years of progress by the management of MYTCL.

We should not forget that the core of sustainable development is human development and progress. By improving the quality of life, by using local and natural resources and by promoting a healthy environment, we will succeed in preserving the Earth’s life-support systems for present and future generations.



Mine Closure Planning

A Strategic Framework for Sustainable Mine Closure

DSC00762The future of the S&K Project operated by MYTCL is dependent on the legacy it leaves. Our reputation is affected if long-term detrimental environmental issues emerge because they have not been appropriately addressed. MYTCL recognises that we need to demonstrate today that we can effectively close the S&K Project with the support of the communities in which we operate. After completion of the mining operations, or once a part of the project becomes no longer viable or profitable to operate, closing down, removing all the operation elements and decommissioning of the mine will take place. A Conceptual Mine Closure Plan has been established by Operations Management and will be the basis for the development of a continuing closure plan that will take into account both the legal requirements, as well as the unique environmental, economic and social properties of the operations. This Conceptual Plan will take the form of an Integrated Mine Closure Plan  at the conclusion of each domain in a progressive and detailed phase of implementation.

Aligning with international standards and good to best practices, MYTCL has engaged the consultancy firm of Knight Piésold to further develop the design and closure criteria for the S&K Project as a Conceptual Closure Plan. Also, now that the stages of closure are beginning in specific areas of Sabetaung pits and the adjoining facilities, MYTCL has developed in cooperation with Knight Piésold a Detailed Closure Plan for the Sabetaung features.

MYTCL's Mine Closure Planning will effectively keep four key objectives in mind during the life stages and closure stages of this project.

  1. To protect the environment and public health safety by using safe and responsible closing practices.
  2. To reduce or eliminate environmental effects once the mine ceases operations.
  3. To establish topographic conditions that is consistent with the pre-determined end-land use objectives.
  4. To reduce the need for long-term monitoring and maintenance by establishing effective physical and chemical stability of disturbed areas.

The Mine Closure Planning will focus on creating a safe and stable landscape that is resistant to wind and water erosion, while turning the mining lease to a condition that allows for cultivation or productive land consumption.
In order to stabilize the landscape the following works will be completed.

  • All the drill holes and borrow pits located within the lease area will be filled, rehabilitated or redefined, and contained.
  • Waste rock dumps and exhausted leached heaps will be battered down and capped with sands or topsoil for rehabilitation with local plants.
  • All remaining explosives, reagents and hydrocarbon fuel will be removed from mine site.
  • All buildings and supporting facilities will be decommissioned and removed from the site and these areas will be rehabilitated.
  • All the power supply lines above and underground not required for sustainability will be dismantled.
  • All residual debris will be removed from the mine site.

The MINE CLOSURE PLAN is a living document that will be continually reviewed and revised over the mine's life. The level of detail will vary as the mine matures and knowledge is gained on the significant issues to be addressed in the mine plan and options for dealing with them through closure. Throughout the mine's life, closure strategies will be regularly reviewed to ensure they are appropriate, address the major issues for closure, and remain aligned to community expectations and regulatory requirements. As part of the mine's change management system, alterations to the mine operating plan, expansions, new pits, waste dumps, or changes to the operating process will trigger a review of closure risk and review of the plan. Using the risk-based approach a review of the underlying risks to the business and closure will be undertaken on a regular basis to confirm that the controls remain adequate and the risk exposure has not materially changed since the last risk review. The collection of appropriate and accurate data through monitoring programs is critical to this process and will assist MYTCL in decision-making.
This review process provides an ideal opportunity for engagement with stakeholders through community committees and the building of relationships that develop trust and confidence in the operation.
An annual review of the closure plan is standard practice for MYTCL and also the regulators as they require annual statistics on areas of disturbance, areas rehabilitated in the previous year and areas yet to be rehabilitated. The closure plan is a key reference document during this process, as it demonstrates the philosophy and strategies to be undertaken. The level of detail reflects the complexity and the maturity of the site.

MYTCL acknowledges the concept of 'mine completion' as the goal of mine closure. Assigned a high priority by all levels of management, the integration of the elements outlined in the Mine Closure programs and in the adoption of the Leading Practice Sustainable Handbook with day-to-day operations management will allow the S&K Project to reach a state where mining lease ownership can be relinquished and responsibility accepted by the next land user. To achieve this in an environment of increasing regulatory and stakeholder expectations will require superior outcomes developed and implemented in consultation with local stakeholders.


Our Mission

To develop overseas mineral resources, and to realize both economical and social benefits.

Our Morals

Human-orientation, collaboration and win-win;

enterprising and innovation, pursuing excellence.

Our Philosophy

Based upon market demand and bring resources advantage into play;

To absorb the essence of the industry and to realize development in harmony.

Our Vision

WANBAO MINING aims at building more mining bases overseas, extracting advanced experience from top-ranking mineral enterprises home and abroad, and gradually growing into an international mineral enterprise which owns mines, advanced techniques of exploration, mining, concentration and smelting and first-class management.

Our Motto

Responsibility brings motivation, Communication creates values;

Growth brings fortune, Cooperation promotes the development.

Our Management

Investing in leadership is at the core of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited - MYTCL’s approach to recruiting and retaining diverse talent to operate a responsible and successful business. The success of our company is directly connected to the talent and expertise of our employees. MYTCL has, in fact, integrated professional development into our business model. We promote this philosophy: We are always experimenting and constantly learning. We have a healthy disregard for the impossible and 'the way things are always done'. We also consider the cost of NOT developing our people.

Strategy & Approach

Our company’s strategy is to recruit, hire and internally develop people who can handle the challenges of manufacturing a product in a highly regulated and restricted environment, while striving each day to operate responsibly. We believe the challenges associated with a career at Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited can’t be found in most other companies or industries.

Investing in Human Capital

Long-term individual development is still the responsibility of the potential employee. But we at MYTCL believe that once the individual has been hired, professional development becomes the responsibility of our organisation. Although the employee was hired with a certain set of knowledge, skills and abilities, if the roles and responsibilities of the position change, and they will, MYTCL maintains a 'corporate social responsibility' to invest in our human capital. Employees are investing in MYTCL by working longer hours, by handling evolving tasks and assuming increased responsibilities. So we practice building on Human Capital as an investment for both our company, as well as for the future of our employees.
MYTCL understands the true value of professional development, culture, innovation and creativity, and also recognises the value of continuously educating our employee base. Our organisation acknowledges that by providing individual development that we will be better positioned to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of today's work environment. Incorporating professional development within the overall corporate strategy is the challenge we offer all of our employees.

We recruit and develop talented leaders through a four-step process that focuses on both what we do and how we do it. Our approach to developing leaders focuses on:

  • Recruiting talent with leadership intelligence;
  • Affirming leadership behaviors in our employees;
  • Teaching leadership responsibilities; and
  • Providing our people with experiences to grow their leadership capabilities.

We believe this process enables us to identify, hire, retain and advance people that have the capability to reach their full potential as leaders within our company.

This framework is not a discrete, linear process. Instead, it is an interconnected set of processes and elements in which each component affects the other.

Listening to Our People

We can’t properly develop and retain our people if we aren’t listening to them. We take a deliberately qualitative and actionable approach to engaging with our employees through a variety of mechanisms, including town halls, leadership conversations, small focus groups and formal and informal surveys. We also provide our employees with mechanisms to raise issues and report compliance concerns, including through our Open Door Policy.

This multi-faceted approach enables us to process what our people are saying and take action to foster a productive, safe, satisfying and inclusive work environment.

Rewarding the Challenge

We are proud to offer a work environment where our people can do their best and where we reward excellence through top-tier compensation and benefits and career development and advancement opportunities. We offer employees at all levels the opportunity to take charge of both their personal and professional development. We encourage our people to pursue internal and external enrichment opportunities including conferences, seminars and accredited education programs that help them grow as people and contribute to our company’s success.



Strategy Report 2019-2020


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