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water storage tank with fence 01Shwepankhine village is located towards the north-western side of the S&K mine-site is included as one of the more impacted villages due to the loss of lands. In 2019 the Hninsitaung Mountain areas inside the mine lease boundaries were assumed by the tenant, and farmers were provided with additional relocation subsidies. Crop benefits, as well as additional jobs within the mine, were offered by village selection for the impacted farmer families.  Shwepankhine villagers are primarily agricultural settlers.

myasein garage 001Our MYTCL CSD/CSR team is always looking for the essential needs aimed at village development. Myasein village is a small village and located between the Yama Creek and Myayake village. It is an honest and small village with little development but has inhabitants with big heats and a close community. According to our CSD/CSR donation program, a suitable annual budget amount is provided annually to Myasein village by MYTCL and MEHL to enhance village development.

sei htandawgyi school hall 01Sei Htandawgyi is one of the 18 villages that are a part of the annual CSD/CSR donation program. It is situated on the opposite side of the Ywatha Stream and near the Yama and Chindwin River’s confluence. Due to its location, it is considered a No-impact village from the mining activities of MYTCL. Nevertheless, a sizable budget is provided to the community of Sei Htandawgyi village in order to assist with the entire region’s development. For the 2019-20 CSD/CSR budgets provided by MEHL and MYTCL, Sei Htandawgyi requested educational development assistance. This would take the form of a donation of a School Hall within the existing school compound.

continue ayegonschool building 01Community development and educational improvement have always been a priority for MYTCL to support CSR donations to the individual villages. A good education makes an individual develop personally and socially, and a proper education teaches us how to lead our lives. Ayegone village is one of the CSR villages of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited.

kangon concrete road 01Roads are very important to every village for economic development and social benefits. Kangon Village, which is located directly next to the mine lease, has always been a priority for the MYTCL organization. Every year MYTCL provides the highest value of the CSR annual budget to Kangon. In this year, many of the CSR projects are delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distance measures.

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