Banenwechaung Monastery Flooring

monastery flooring 01

The Department of Public Relation is a department that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and our local people. There are 18 villages involved in the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Mine CSD/CSR project. Banenwechaung village is remotely associated from direct mining activities and has no impact from the S&K Project. Nevertheless, it is the prerogative of MYTCL and MEHL to include this village in the CSR/CSD improvement budgets.

There is a need to do parquet flooring in the three-story monastery building of Thiri Zayyar Bonpyan in Banenwechaung village. The community of Banenwechaung decided that this would be a suitable donation from the annual CSD/CSR funds provided by MEHL and MYTCL. For this request, MYTCL donated Myanmar Kyat 10 million from the 2018-2019 CSD/CSR budgets. A village 5-member committee conducted this project and it has been now completed.

monastery flooring 02

monastery flooring 03
monastery flooring 04

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