Myayake School Building Construction

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Education improves one's knowledge, skills, and develops personality and attitude. Education is important for everyone. Community development and education improvement has always been a priority for MYTCL’s surrounding villages. In fact, for both the villages and Yang Tse, this is a priority.

 Myayake village is located between Myasane and Yegyibin village. For the Myayake Village, the existing building of the Basic Education Primary School in this village cannot provide adequate accommodation for the increasing number of students attending the expanding village of Myayake. The Myayake village Administrator, U Min Aung, in coordination with the organized 5-Member CSR Committee agreed that the principal request on behalf of the village was for MYTCL and MEHL to donate the construction of a school building from the CSR Annual Funds as part of the CSR/CSD Projects. For this request, MYTCL and MEHL constructed the school building which is 120 feet long and 30 feet wide. This construction donation was assisted by the 2018-2019 CSD/CSR budgets in the amount of MMK 25,250,000.

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