Yegyibin CSR Completion

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Our PR & CSD Department of Myanmar Yang Tse Company mainly focuses on the building of communities based on justice, equality and community development. For MYTCL, there are mainly 18 villages requiring the need to be developed.

For the 2018-2019 fiscal years, according to the village wishes, the Yegyibin 5-member committee and village administrator request various jobs from MYTCL and MEHL. A donation for the purchasing (100’x75’) land and construction of social building with garage, (20’x14’) building and fencing, water purifiers (2) sets and building, 230 feet brick fencing (north), 430 feet brick fencing (east), 660 feet chain link fencing (north-west), 18 feet entrance door, purchasing computer (5) sets and accessories. The village 5-member committee conducted the entire projects and they are now successfully completed except the purchasing of computer (5) sets and accessories. The entire budget for all these jobs is $49,509.98. MYTCL is proud of the work being done for the development of the village.

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