Donation of Disinfection Solution to Villages and Monasteries

donation of disinfection 01

Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleaching Liquid) is essential for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in the villages around the S&K Copper Project area and in the villages around our sister mine, the Letpadaung Copper Project.

The estimated cost for these materials is about 55 lakh kyats (5,500,000 MMK) for 33 villages and 50 monasteries near the Letpadaung copper mine project area and about 32 lakh kyats (3,200,000 MMK) for 18 villages and 30 monasteries near the S&K copper mine project area. The donation was made on 26th October 2020 by MWMCL, MYTCL and MEHL. MYTCL is continually and actively sponsoring the communities in every way possible during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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