Donation of Concrete Road to Kangon Village

kangon concrete road 01

Roads are very important to every village for economic development and social benefits. Kangon Village, which is located directly next to the mine lease, has always been a priority for the MYTCL organization. Every year MYTCL provides the highest value of the CSR annual budget to Kangon. In this year, many of the CSR projects are delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distance measures.

From the annual budget, the committee was responsible to determine what project was most critical to the community. For the 2019-2020 budget year, the Kangon Village Administrator in coordination with the organized 5-Member CSR Committee proposed the principal request to MYTCL and MEHL for the construction of a concrete main road for the village. This was to be allocated from the donations of the CSR Annual Funds as part of their village CSR/CSD Projects.

For this request, a 1500ft. long and 22ft. wide village entrance access, an additional 700ft. long and 23ft. wide village main access road, and another 900ft. long and 16ft. wide village access roads were constructed from this budget. The construction contract was directly given to the 5-member committee in order to facilitate CDD – Community-Driven Development, as is the preference of MYTCL when considering community donations for infrastructure. This allows the community to benefit in two manners. The road has now been completed at a total cost of USD 56,000.00

kangon concrete road 02

kangon concrete road 03
kangon concrete road 04

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