Sei Htandawgyi CSR Educational Project

sei htandawgyi school hall 01

Sei Htandawgyi is one of the 18 villages that are a part of the annual CSD/CSR donation program. It is situated on the opposite side of the Ywatha Stream and near the Yama and Chindwin River’s confluence. Due to its location, it is considered a No-impact village from the mining activities of MYTCL. Nevertheless, a sizable budget is provided to the community of Sei Htandawgyi village in order to assist with the entire region’s development. For the 2019-20 CSD/CSR budgets provided by MEHL and MYTCL, Sei Htandawgyi requested educational development assistance. This would take the form of a donation of a School Hall within the existing school compound.

The Sei Htandawgyi Village Administrator, U Aung Kyaw Myo,  coordinated with the assigned 5-Member CSR Committee to provide the construction company for the building of the project. This is following the MYTCL Community Driven Development planning, allowing the community to be a significant part of the whole process, including contractor management. The agreed construction of a school hall building with an RCC foundation and a steel structure was contracted using the CSR Annual Funds as part of the village CSR/CSD 2019-20 projects. The school hall building has now commenced construction despite the global pandemic and is managed directly by the village’s 5-member committee. It will complete at 120 feet long and 40 feet wide to a total amount is MMK 31,500,000 donated by MYTCL and MEHL.

sei htandawgyi school hall 02
sei htandawgyi school hall 03
sei htandawgyi school hall 04

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