Myasein Garage Construction

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Our MYTCL CSD/CSR team is always looking for the essential needs aimed at village development. Myasein village is a small village and located between the Yama Creek and Myayake village. It is an honest and small village with little development but has inhabitants with big heats and a close community. According to our CSD/CSR donation program, a suitable annual budget amount is provided annually to Myasein village by MYTCL and MEHL to enhance village development.

Most of the CSR jobs are delayed and suspended for community safety due to the pandemic of COVID-19. From the 2019-2020 CSD/CSR budget, the Myasane village Administrator, U Ngwe, in coordination with the organized 5-Member CSR Committee, agreed that the fund should donate the purchasing of a Hijet Vehicle and a full garage to perform public work for the village social team. According to the MYTCL Community Driven Development plan, the car garage construction was commissioned to the 5-member committee. It was donated by the company from the CSR annual fund to be managed by this group. The garage, which is 15ft wide and 20ft long, is currently under construction, and the total amount provided is MMK 3,000,000.

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Strategy Report 2019-2020


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