Message from the Chairman of MYTCL

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Welcome to our Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited international website providing our world-wide viewers with insights into our transparent operations and objectives within the country of Myanmar. We especially direct your attention to our annual publications of the MYTCL Sustainability Report, presented to you through a collaborative effort of all our employees. We now enter into our eighth year of operations at the S&K Project, proudly producing LME Grade-A 99.99% cathode copper. Not only is this a rewarding factor for our Myanmar national employees, but also for the surrounding communities with whom we cooperate, communicate and value.
Pursuing our objectives of the One Belt - One Road Initiatives
Engaging in wide consultation, joint contributions and shared benefits
Realising win-win values for all stakeholder and related parties
In the past years we have made progress together and have struggled through the endless bitter storms the mining industry suffers with constant and unstable copper prices. United together as a remarkable team we endure to overcome the difficulties we face. We survive and successfully realise the win-win for all related parties with the efforts of all our employees, reflecting the outstanding wisdom and skill of our distinguished organisation.

Committed with incessant beliefs in scientific and technological innovation we have made remarkable achievements in optimising our operations, while increasing our productivity and lowering costs. In 2017, additional copper resources have been exposed through the wise investment of 30,000m of development drilling, significantly extending our mine life and the future of MYTCL. Cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences we have also positively recovered copper from historical ore stocks within heaps, making the impossible possible. As a result, the One Belt-One Road Scholarship was granted and provides opportunities for excellent employees of MYTCL, every year, to study overseas at the Academy.

As Chairman of this prevailing company, I believe that with the profoundly strong support of our shareholders and partners, all our Yang Tse employees will endeavour to create a bright future and make cherished contributions to sustaining the friendship between China and Myanmar.
Mr. Zhang Yupeng
Chairman of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited

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