Why choose Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited ?

Vital resources – our people

There is one resource we value above all else, and that’s our people. Many companies say their people are their greatest asset. But at MYTCL, we do what we say and give our people unrivalled opportunities to make a real difference in their futures.


What makes us different? What we do and how we do it.

Mission and values

Our mission statement defines our vital role in society, and our values define what it means to work at MYTCL across our global business.

Essential role

We play an essential part in people’s lives – not only through the natural resources we extract that go into many products and things we rely on in everyday modern life – but through the employment and other opportunities we create through the strong and deep connections we forge in the communities in which we live and work.


We’re full of energy and initiative despite being a large company. We’re dynamic, questioning and entrepreneurial with a determination to not only make a better business but a better world for ourselves and future generations, with an essential energy and vitality that pushes us forward.

It’s also down to the attitude of our people. Visionary companies attract visionary people. We expect a lot of our people, but we give much in return. Whether it’s the chance to start a career, move into a new area or industry, or to work for an organization where you make a real contribution and it’s recognized and rewarded, MYTCL might just be the place for you.

Culture and commitment

Our entrepreneurial spirit runs through our global business, supported by a culture that minimizes red tape and bureaucracy. We have a distinctive way of working that provides our people with greater responsibility and accountability to make the right decisions for their area of the business. Our commitments to operating responsibly and our partnerships with communities in which our people live and work are critically important to us. Read more about our approach to sustainability.


So if you want to join a dynamic team of entrepreneurial and skilled people in a variety of exciting locations around the world, why not talk to us?

We accept ONLY Myanmar National applications.


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