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At Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited we realize that it is inevitable that each of our lives will be affected by crises at one time or another. On a micro scale, our individual reactions to crisis situations have direct influence upon ourselves, families, friends, and the MYTCL organization in which we are employed. From a macro perspective, the decisions of management leaders, employees, as well as contractors during crisis affect all of our people. These decisions can have direct bearing upon individual health, safety, and in the extreme case, survival.

Virtually no organization, irrespective of its size, nature of business or location is immune from a crisis situation. Emergencies can arise at any time, in many forms and from many causes, but the effect is always the same... damage to people and property. Planning for emergencies must be accomplished in much the same way as an effective organization plans for its business strategies... as far in advance as possible with the objective to minimize losses. Profit comes from restoring business back to "normal" within the shortest time-frame practicable. How quickly this occurs is directly related to the effectiveness and abilities of an organization's managers under emergency conditions, and how well the employee work-force has been prepared for any emergency, be it a snake-bite or a flat tire.

Contemporary management theory supports the debate that managerial style should be dependent upon the interaction between people and situations. Management styles that work in relatively stable environments may however be ineffective or dysfunctional in dynamic, high-stress emergency situations. It is therefore a mandate for the Operations Management of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited to endorse effective crisis managers into becoming highly competent in safety dynamics and problem-solving abilities. Emergency procedures are reinforced and appropriate knowledge is learned and shared among key individuals of MYTCL, allowing the most valuable and efficient utilization of all resources to be accomplished.

A program has been developed for the improvement of crisis management skills for the administration levels of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited and filters down through an Integrated Management Plan for each and every employee of MYTCL. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) have been created, developed over the years and implemented specifically to adhere to each department's individual needs.

Our strategy in developing these SOP programs was to combine exercises and presentations, designed to provide skills and knowledge, into a coordinated approach that would be utilized as the heart of the emergency and safety programs of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited, allowing a dynamic combination of techniques to be activated in unison. The programs are modeled after actual past or potential emergency situations, as well as integrating international standards of expertise. Annually they are reviewed and improved upon according to our ever-changing environment.


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